To Men Who Are DONE Settling For A Tired, Weak, Flabby “Dad Bod”... Getting “Old” And “Stiff” Like Every Guy You Know… And Feeling Trapped Inside A Mundane Life…

Join The MUSCULAR GENTLEMAN Movement To Instantly Upgrade Your Physique, Transform Your Life And Become The Best Version Of Yourself!

Thousands Of Men Are Rising To The Challenge And Getting MORE — More Muscle. More Strength. More Energy. More Sex. More Respect. And They’re Having A Helluva Lot More Fun! 
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If you have a stubborn “beer gut”. You’re afraid to take your shirt off in public. You hate the way your clothes fit. And you get winded after a lap around the yard…

And if you run on fumes. Sit in front of the tv while your kids play ball without you. Let aches and pains keep you from your hobbies. And your health feels like a ticking time bomb…

And if your relationship with your wife or girlfriend isn’t as “hot and heavy” as it used to be. Her bedroom glances are less frequent. And when she’s ready for some fun, you don’t have the mojo to keep up…

Then read every word on this short page. Because in just a moment you’ll learn…

An Amazing Breakthrough That Helps Men Over 30 Break The All-Too-Common Cycle Of Belly Fat, Burn-Out, And Boredom!

This breakthrough is a small underground movement right now…

That flies in the face of the new narrative that says being a man is a bad thing… 

And refuses to listen to the political agenda that claims men have “menstrual cycles”... should become more “feminine”... and that weak and flabby “dad bods” are hot. And no…

This movement isn’t about being an overcompensating asshole or an insecure man-child either.

It’s for a new breed of men…

And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from today… what kind of shape you’re in… how you feel when you look in the mirror… or how good or bad your sex life and relationships are.

If you aren’t satisfied… and you want MORE from life but don’t know how to get it…


Then This Movement Is For YOU.

Hi. I’m Ruston Webb. Founder of The Muscular Gentleman movement…  

And I need you to keep this a secret between us for now.

The Muscular Gentleman movement is NOT something every guy knows about…
And I want to keep it that way for a while.


Because we’re at the beginning stages of this thing. So we can’t afford to have a bunch of guys “join” the movement only to flake out on us later. It looks bad on us. And it’ll kill what we’re trying to create. After all…

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…  

So I’m looking for men with rock solid COMMITMENT to join this movement. Again…

I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in right now.

I don’t care if you’re emotionally fragile.

I don’t care if you’re 40 or 80.  

And I don’t care if you’re skinny, fat, tall, short, ugly, or handsome.

I care about ONE thing: that you can COMMIT to this movement. So…  

If you’re willing to do that, then give me a silent nod and keep reading.

What Is A Muscular Gentleman?

You know a muscular gentleman when you see one.

He’s a family man with a jacked physique. He isn’t afraid to take off his shirt at the beach or while he’s working in the yard. But…

He doesn’t strut around like a peacock and flaunt his muscles everywhere he goes like some douche from Jersey Shore…

Because he doesn’t need to.

You can tell by his frame that he works out, takes care of his health, and respects his body. His shirts fit tight on the chest and shoulders and snug around his biceps… but loose around the waist… whether he’s wearing a t-shirt or a button down shirt and tie. Also…

The muscular gentleman commands whatever room he’s in…  

But he’s not loud and obnoxious like a frat boy who wants everyone to think he’s the alpha dog. Instead…
You can just FEEL his presence in the room. He’s calm, confident, chooses his words wisely… has control over his emotions… and his contribution always makes a difference. Also…

The muscular gentleman loves his family HARD. When he’s home from work you can find him playing ball with his sons in the backyard or having a “tea party” with his daughter and her stuffed animals.

His children look up to him. He’s their source of safety and inspiration. And the habits they pick up from him are GOOD ones. Ones that make them better people.

He showers his partner with the same love and affection as when they first got together. He leaves her notes. Does sweet gestures for her. He stokes the fire in their relationship instead of waiting for her to do it…

And behind closed doors, they go at it like a couple of kids on their honeymoon.

That’s just scratching the surface of what a muscular gentleman is. And…

This Is Your Private Invitation To Take The Bull By The Horns And Become The Man You Want To Be… 

And I’m going to show you how to do it in the shortest and clearest way possible.

Like I said before — my name’s Ruston Webb…

I’m the founder of The Muscular Gentleman movement…
And it all started the time I wore a tank top to my friends’ baby shower.
A handful of us guys were hanging out playing cornhole and somehow my physique became the topic of discussion.

One of the guys was wearing an oversized t-shirt and his belly was still bursting out of it. The flab under his arms shook like jello every time he tossed a bag. I could hear him huffing and puffing when he’d bend over. And the occasional bead of sweat rolled down his cheek on that cool spring afternoon.

He said, “I’ve been married 14 years. I don’t need to worry about my body anymore.”

The guy standing next to me chimed in, “I’ve been trying to lose weight for years… but I can’t get past the beer.”

Everyone chuckled as he took a swig of his Michelob Ultra.

That’s when my cornhole partner chirped up. And his excuse got under my skin most of all.

“I just don’t have time…”

Really? You don’t have time to be healthy?

So I asked them…

What would you do if your kids were in a life or death situation?

All of them puffed out their chest and said they’d die for their kids in a heartbeat. Yet…

They just got done feeding me excuses for why they won’t get healthy for their family.

They think they can protect them. But they can’t. Even worse — they’re choosing not to protect their families because they’re neglecting their bodies and health. See the problem?

But That’s When The Conversation Got Strange…

Because after all these guys gave me their excuses… they started asking me for advice.

It’s like they needed to get their excuses off their chest. But deep down they knew it was a bunch of B.S.

So I told them about the training, nutrition and lifestyle protocol that I’d developed after a decade of helping guys get in the best shape of their lives…

It didn’t have a name back then. It was just something that kept me and my clients in amazing shape… and helped us become stronger, more capable men — physically, emotionally, and mentally…

And that’s when I realized I couldn’t hog this program to myself. Or just keep it as a secret weapon for my clients. More guys need to know how to become the best version of themselves…  

And they need a brotherhood to help keep them on track. And that’s when I started…


The Muscular Gentleman

The Muscular Gentleman promotes a new era of masculinity. I created this movement to help you “level up” in life. Replace the stubborn “fat suit” with a chiseled physique. Regain college-jock like energy. Rebuild relationships with your loved ones…  

And become the best version of yourself — a powerful, active, and confident man your family and community need you to be.

The Muscular Gentleman is my life’s work. I created it from over two decades of practical experience, and education…  

And inside the program you’ll learn the laws that every muscular gentleman lives by…  

Whether it’s for your physical health, emotional well-being, relationships with your partner and kids… and a bunch of other gems that a traditional “workout program” could never give you.

When you join The Muscular Gentleman you’ll get 12 “chapters” over the next 12 months...

And every chapter is packed with videos and PDFs about how to take your training, nutrition, lifestyle, and everything else to the next level. Basically…

It’s like you’re getting a new program every month for the next year…

And if you follow the programs as I’ve laid them out for you… I have no doubt that when you finish the 12th chapter your health and happiness will be better than you dreamed possible.

Each Chapter Inside The Muscular Gentleman Will Cover…


Masculinity is under attack. And our culture has blurred the lines of what a man should be. But inside The Muscular Gentleman I’ll cut through the crap and remind you of what true, positive masculinity is. (Real men have helped their families and communities thrive for thousands of years… and inside I’ll show you how to set the new standard for masculinity.)

Mobility & Injury Prevention

Aches and pains from old sports injuries... or “Father Time” just catching up to you? Inside The Muscular Gentleman you get step-by-step video demonstrations on how to unwind tight muscles, boost mobility, and have your body feel like a well-oiled machine instead of stiff like the tin man. As you’ve seen already, being a Muscular Gentleman is more than just muscle. It’s about confidence, status, longevity, and so much more. And these modules are just one piece to the overall puzzle. 


I’ll send you 5 new follow along workouts per month, every single month for the next 12 months. These full-blown follow along training sessions will help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. These are high-quality follow along videos that you can do with just a pair of dumbbells at home or at the gym to sculpt a rock hard physique that she loves to look at, is a “status symbol” to your peers, and has you brimming with confidence — whether your shirt’s on or off! It’s going to feel like you and I are in the same room training together, pushing our workouts to the max for the absolute best results!

Mindset and Emotional Mastery

Men need to be like an oak tree. Deep roots. Sturdy branches. And strong enough to withstand the storms of life. It’s not easy. And that’s why inside every “chapter” of the program I’ll teach you practical ways to become “the oak tree”… so come hell or high water, you have the mental fortitude to rise to the challenge and be the man your family and community need you to be.


Inside The Muscular Gentleman I’ll show you how to TORCH stubborn, jiggly, embarrassing fat from your belly, chest and everywhere else… without sacrificing the foods you love or spending hours in the kitchen. (Just follow my nutrition tips and I guarantee the extra pounds and inches will come off faster than ever before in your adult life.)

Growth and Development

The muscular gentleman is always growing. Which means if you reach the “top of the mountain”... you find a higher mountain to climb! The moment you start settling is the moment you start sliding backwards… so inside the program I’ll show you how to never settle and live the most fulfilling life possible.


Of course, as you watch your physique transform over the next 12-months, you’re going to feel more attractive to the opposite sex. But that’s not ALL that attraction is about. Attraction is about getting what you want out of life and becoming a positive person that attracts positive relationships and opportunities. Inside this program I’ll give you daily hacks that’ll instantly boost your attraction and improve your quality of life.

Life Hacks and Resources

The Muscular Gentleman is a year-long program. But that doesn’t mean it takes a year to see results. In fact — some of my favorite parts of the program are little “hacks” and “resources” that take just a few minutes or even a few seconds to do… but they make a HUGE impact on your physique, health, and life.


Want to rekindle the fire between you and your wife and make sure she stays crazy about you as the years go by? Want to be a role model that your kids love, respect, and cherish? There are real SIMPLE ways to do that… and inside The Muscular Gentleman I’ll show you how just a few small but meaningful gestures can help your relationships thrive.

And Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In Just The
1st Month Of The Muscular Gentleman:

  • How to build a lean, muscular, and lust-worthy body while eating steamy cheese pizza, buffalo wings dipped in ranch, and drinking an ice cold beer… (and why eating your favorite calorie-loaded foods will crank up your metabolism 3x hotter.)
  • The 90-Day Shred fat loss training program that’ll completely reshape your physique in 3 months or less. (Go from tired, overweight, and headed for a heart attack… to vigorous, ripped, and on top of the world!)

  • Why you should run far, far away from any “fitness guru”, trainer, or doctor who gives you the “calories in vs calories out” spiel. (Because if you use my special “food furnace” trick you can eat MORE calories… and the extra pounds and flabby inches melt away FASTER!)

  • A “Blue Water Hack” that gives you permission to eat TONS of carbs without ever storing them as belly fat. (I know that sounds too good to be true… but this trick has been a game-changer for my clients and I’ll show you exactly how it works inside.)
  • A stupid-simple “beverage swap” that’ll help you lose 15 lbs in 2 weeks. (No joke — ALL of my clients who make this swap watch in amazement as their porky midsection shrinks into a ripped core almost overnight.)

  • How to retrain your body so you NEVER get junk food cravings that derail your progress ever again…

  • Mouthwatering “quickie recipes” you can whip up in a few minutes that’ll feed you for a week. (I’ll show you step-by-step how to make these delicious meals to build more muscle, burn more fat, have more energy… and satisfy every tastebud.)

  • How to make your own “Natural Gatorade” so you can energize your body without adding a ton of sugar…

  • A crazy simple way to prepare an egg omelet at night so all you have to do is pull it out of the fridge, fry it, and viola! you have a muscle-building meal in seconds. (Plus studies show an egg omelet a day gives your testosterone levels a boost so you feel young, focused and energized.)

  • How to make your partner want you BAD by the time you get home from work. (Just do this in the morning and she’ll be all over you when you get home.)

And much, MUCH MORE!

Each Chapter Inside The Muscular Gentleman Will Cover…

When you sign up for The Muscular Gentleman, you’ll lock arms with the other men who’ve taken the challenge and joined this life-changing movement.

Most coaches or trainers would just hand you a program and leave you to go at it alone. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill program.

If you’re going to have the most success and become the muscular gentleman you want to be, then you need a brotherhood around you. A tight-knit community to keep you accountable. Men who will inspire you. And men who YOU can inspire, too.

That’s why The League of Muscular Gentleman is a crucial component of the program.

I’ll also interact with you inside the League of Muscular Gentleman page, answer any questions you may have, and be there to give you support through thick and thin.

So To Recap Inside The Muscular Gentleman Program:

  • Elite workouts designed to build muscle and shred fat!
  • Complete, no-guesswork meal plans that are easy to follow.
  • Mobility & injury prevention coaching you won't see in other programs. 
  • Attraction and relationships training.
  • Growth development to live your most fulfilling life possible.
  • Masculinity Mindset Mastery coaching
  • Life hacks and resources to optimize your time and energy.
  • The League of Muscular Gentleman support community.

And let’s be real...

You can’t put a price tag on the results you’re going to get and how the people around you are going to take notice.

Think about the confidence you’ll feel, the status, the fire in your relationship igniting like you just poured gasoline over hot coals…

To fit better in your clothes and be proud of the man in the mirror…

And knowing that all of this is going toward a healthier, more disciplined, and even better you.

Priceless, wouldn’t you say?

Now is your time to join the movement and experience the transformation of a lifetime.

Click The “Join Now” Button Below To Sign Up For The Muscular Gentleman Program And Take Charge Of Your Body, Energy
After you click the “Apply Now” button you’ll be taken to a Calendly link to set up a call with me so we can make sure we are a good fit for each other. 

After that I’ll send you your login information for The Muscular Gentleman. And from then on you have access to everything The Muscular Gentleman has to offer.  

Just go through everything inside the program in the order I’ve laid out and you can’t lose.


The Muscular Gentleman isn’t an ordinary program. It’s a transformation. It’s a movement. So I’m not going to hand you a program, pat you on the back, and tell you “good luck.” When you sign up for The Muscular Gentleman… we’re in this together. So…

Instead of selling you the typical program like the ones you’ve tried a million times that haven’t given you the results you wanted…

The Muscular Gentleman is like nothing you've ever experienced…  

Meaning you’ll get new videos, plans and materials throughout the program to help you build muscle, burn fat, take charge, and get the most out of life every month! 

Investing In Yourself Is The BEST Investment You Can Make

My mission is to help you get in amazing shape and be the man your loved ones need you to be. To feel confident and proud of yourself. To get the most out of life.

And looking at the big picture…  

I want you to be a part of this movement…  

And because you’re still reading I’m almost 100% sure you’re the kind of guy I’m looking for.

So if you’re ready to take the bull by the horns and become a muscular gentleman… don’t wait.
Click The “Join Now” Button Below To Sign Up For The Muscular Gentleman Program And Take Charge Of Your Body, Energy And Your Life



  •  You are NOT committed to getting in amazing shape and being the man you were meant  to be...
  • ​You're lazy, a quitter and/or an excuse maker.
  • ​You're "too busy" to workout 4-5x a week for only 45 minutes (at-home or in a gym)
  • ​You're a "picky eater" who needs girly recipes when it comes to food. 
  • ​Your problem is not BIG enough for you to want to actually invest money or time. 
  • ​You are not coachable and committed to living your best life. 
  • ​You are unable to check your ego at the door and deep down want to stay insecure and weak. 

Click The “Apply Now” Button Below To Sign Up For The Muscular Gentleman Program And Take Charge Of Your Body, Energy And Your Life

Only You Can Decide What Kind Of Man You Want To Be…

You get one shot at this life. You can either decide to make an investment in the body and life you’ve been given…

Or you can take the hard-trodden road that so many men REGRET. Which is to let your body and life slip away.

So if you want to break free from your own limitations and the same old excuses, then The Muscular Gentleman is for you.

It’s going to change every area of your life for the better…  

And it’s going to have a huge impact on your relationships too.

I can’t tell you how many wives and girlfriends have already hit me up on behalf of their partner asking how they can send this program to their guys…

And That’s Because Most People In Your Life Believe In You…  

Your partner believes in you.

Your kids believe in you.

All that’s left is for YOU to believe in you. So…

Sign up for The Muscular Gentleman program. Put it into action. And experience just how life changing it is.

You’re built for so much more than what you’re settling for right now. And the good news is…

The last few chapters of your life haven’t been written yet.

You might have half of your life still ahead of you if you take care of your body right!

And what you decide right now determines where you’ll end up…  

So it’s time to make the right choice.

Click The “Apply Now” Button Below To Sign Up For The Muscular Gentleman Program And Take Charge Of Your Body, Energy And Your Life

I can’t wait to see you inside The Muscular Gentleman…

And for you to become an integral part of this movement.

Let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Muscular Gentleman for? 

The Muscular Gentleman is for men who are tired of settling for a weak, flabby body, low energy, and a mundane life. You’re not okay with the “status quo”. And you’re ready to make a change…

And replace the stubborn “dad bod” with a muscular, strong, high-energy physique that can meet the daily demands of life and so much more.

If you’re ready to become a better, more fit and capable man in every area of life — in your workplace, marriage, relationships, and everywhere else — then The Muscular Gentleman is for you.

What is the price?

Program pricing is something that I would be happy to chat with you about in the strategy session.

The Muscular Gentleman program is not a "diet plan" or a "workout program" rather a framework that not only teaches you how to get chiseled and master your mindset but keep your results PERMANENTLY.

Because of this, it would be impossible to communicate the value via a website or text message. That being said, The Muscular Gentleman IS an investment in YOU. 

Do I need a gym membership?

No, it is not required. The Muscular Gentleman does require access to a set of dumbbells. Wether you have a an at-home gym set up with dumbbells or access to a local gym we've got you covered. Our workouts are either follow-along videos with coach Ruston or on you can watch the Coaches Corner videos and do the sessions on your own. The training and expert advice provided in these training sessions are second to none.

The results we get are not going to be achieved with just bodyweight. Although, if you go out of town we do provide bodyweight workouts for traveling and vacations (we always have your back). 

Do you have any type of guarantee?

We do not offer a money-back guarantee, however we DO offer a "Better Than Money-Back Guarantee" and it eliminates all risk of losing your hard earned money and we'd be happy to share the details with you on our call. 

How exactly does The Muscular Gentleman program work?

Really simple. After you click the “Apply Now” button and fill out the application we will jump on a call and get you all set up for The Muscular Gentleman, you’ll get an email and password to access the program.

For you to have a chiseled muscular physique along with a sound masculine mindset and whole new outlook on life, you need five things: nutrition, mindset coaching, workouts, accountability and community. If you are missing any of those components I can assure you that you won't be happy with your results. 

I provide ALL of that. My job is to remove ALL the guesswork for you.  Just follow along everything as I’ve laid it out for you step-by-step. 

For workouts, I'll be giving you 5 new follow-along training sessions each month with demonstrations and workouts. These are designed specifically to build muscle and burn fat. I'm literally there with you the whole time, even your rest periods. If you ever want to check your form or technique you simply video yourself and shoot it over to me and I can correct or adjust whatever is needed. 

For nutrition, I am not a coach who gives you complicated, intricate recipes with 28+ ingredients and 45 minutes of labor for a single meal and, at best, a left over meal. I provide a meal plan for you without insane guesswork and laborious meal prep. This is the best of the best. What I provide is second to none when it comes to fast, efficient and effective fat burning, muscle building meals. This meal plan flat out works! In fact, I use the exact same meal plan to maintain my 6-pack abs year after year. 

For accountability, you start the program with a 1-on-1 Zoom call with me to get you set up for the next 90 days and then you will check-in with me every single week. You will fill out the check-in form along with progress photos. (Don't worry these photos are confidential). The details you provide, along with the photos will give me the feedback I need to coach you the best I can to ensure you not only get great results but NEVER hit a plateau during your time in The Muscular Gentleman program. 

For added support we provide a weekly coaching call on Zoom where you can ask questions and get help from Coach Ruston as well as the League of Muscular Gentleman (other men in the program). You can also reach out to me any time for additional support and I guarantee a response within 12-24 hours MAX. 

For mindset, you will receive videos, articles and information on how to make massive shifts in the way you think and eliminate any limiting beliefs holding you back in your life. This is a very powerful way to help create a PERMANENT lifestyle change. 

For community, you will get invited into the League of Muscular Gentleman private facebook group where other men all on a mission to level up in life will be there to support you and fight for you as you change your life and start living the life you've always wanted. 

Will I get the support I need? 

Absolutely! I pride myself on the following: creating a powerful and extremely effective program that DEMANDS results but also makes everything as simple as possible and provides unparalleled support. This is an investment in YOU.

If you ever have questions or are having a rough week, you can always shoot me a message and I guarantee a response within 12-24 hours MAX. You will also do a weekly check-in with me so I can assure you stay on track and never stop seeing results. 

How do I know if I'm ready to join The Muscular Gentleman? I'm SO busy!

As a busy husband, father of three, coach and multiple business owner, I totally understand your concern. 

But here's the truth and I'll be blunt, because that is who I am and I want to attract clients who are FOR REAL about change. 

At the end of the day getting healthy and in shape is either going to be a PRIORITY or NOT. 

It's that simple. 

Do you want to be happy, healthy, confident, energetic, productive and a good role model to your kids in your 30s, 40s and beyond? 


Do you want to keep gaining unwanted weight, continue to be unhappy about your body, never seem to have enough energy, set a poor example for your kids health and habits and simply feel like life is downhill from here?

You have to make a choice. 

I'm in my 40's and busy as HELL and I am living my best life. 

My clients are all getting in the best shape of their life and living the life they've always wanted. 

That's a choice though. 

Here is some added perspective. 

The men in The Muscular Gentleman program workout 3-5 times per week for 45 minutes - 1 hour. 

We meal prep and keep it simple with our nutrition for roughly 3 hours a week. 

That's 6-8 hours out of your 168 hours in your week. 

Ask yourself, can you set aside less than 6% of your week so you can commit to becoming your BEST, most confident, happy, and healthy self?! 

"One day" is just another way of saying NEVER. 

It's time you take control of your life and level up. 


How is working with you any different than other trainers?

I am in the top 1% in my field and I've been through it all and I've seen it all for over 20 years. 

More importantly I live the lifestyle and walk the walk. I am a busy husband, father and entrepreneur and staying fit can be tough. I know it's all about choices, habits and discipline. I am in this with you. 

For added comfort I have over 16 different certifications in my field and to top it off I have a masters degree in Kinesiology but none of that compares to my EXPERIENCE helping thousands of clients reach their goals. 

Anyone can grab a "weekend" personal training certification and pretend to be an expert with fancy marketing and off the wall promises. 

I combine 20 years of experience, education, and trial and error with thousands of real clients along with my own training, habits and ...

People connect with me because I'm relatable and I wasn't always fit my whole life with no story or can't relate. 

I'm scared to financially invest in my health and hiring a coach. 

I hear you. I was too when I first started out. 

I have spent the last 20 years investing in certifications, symposiums, books, degrees, meal plans, workout programs and thousands of clients to get this program nailed down to a science. Literally The Muscular Gentleman is my life's work built into a program designed to change men's lives. 

I was anxious when I hired my first coach. 

He cost $1,600 and I wasn't in exactly the best financial situation at the time.  

But since I knew I wanted to become a better version of myself and I was tired of doing it alone and I needed an expert. I knew all of the cheap programs out there were a waste of my time and money and I knew I had to invest in myself so I could FINALLY get results. 

How do I sign up again?

All you have to do is click the “Apply Now” button below. After you do that, you'll be taken to a Calendly link where you can schedule a call for a FREE strategy session to see with we are a good fit and get you set up in The Muscular Gentleman program.
Click The “Apply Now” Button Below To Sign Up For The Muscular Gentleman Program And Take Charge Of Your Body, Energy And Your Life

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